Imagine the ultimate combination of Rock, Punk, and Metal, a genre of music that can dominate the Mainstream world and still have enough capacity to steamroll into the Underground. Imagine the results produced when a quintet of creative, talented, driven, and entrepreneurial musicians come together to leave a mark in the history of music. That result is none other than Shattersphere. Over the course of the band’s history, Shattersphere pushed the boundaries of their genre and birthed a completely new sound unprecedented by any other band. They pride themselves on their insane live show and unique catalog of songs that span from straightforward radio anthems to 8-minute epics. The creation that started with just the instruments in their hands and a simple dream, would become one of the pioneers of guerilla Internet promotion and one of the biggest self made bands in history.

Shattersphere teamed up with producer Ron Zabrocki in 2003 to begin work on their self-titled debut album. Shattersphere signed on with The Orchard Enterprises in 2004 and released Shattersphere. The CD release party was held with Orgy to a capacity crowd in Hartford, CT. Almost instantly, the band established a name in the business and took no prisoners when it came to ruthless self promotion. The band inked sponsorship deals with, TeeShirtHell, Wink Inc., and many more. Shattersphere brought a truly distinct sonic quality and diversification to an industry starved of originality. From the brutal ear piercing assault of “Lost In The Flames,” to the epic orchestral masterpiece “Reflections,” the band invoked a roller coaster of emotions amongst their audiences. How did the public react to such innovation? Lost In The Flames shot straight up to #1 on In addition, the band had 3 songs hit #1 on, Soundstation, dMusic, and The UMN. The band was also featured on the legendary KROCK 92.3 in New York, NY and 106.9 WCCC in Hartford. Shattersphere was no longer a kept secret in the local scene.

With the fuel burning hot off of the success of their debut CD, the band released a follow up in 2005 titled In The Face Of Anger. The CD release party was held with Mudvayne on April 27, 2005 once again to a sold out crowd in Hartford, CT. The EP was met with with praise and reception that quickly turned the heads of the public and music business executives all over the globe. Shattersphere took home the 2005 Next Hit Song contest, thanks to their smash hit “Faithless”. More licensing deals ensued from companies such as DerDer, sponsorships from companies like Sun Tzu Energy Drink, and more songwriting competitions such as the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) placed Shattersphere in winning positions. Most notably, the band licensed the title track “In The Face Of Anger” to MTV for the show “The Real World.”

Shattersphere’s last contribution titled Eyes of Infliction demonstrated a new level of performance, musicianship, and creative songwriting. As with the previous album release, their fan base grew exponentially. Eyes of Infliction saw favorable radio play across the country with “Loaded” and “The Last Walk” being the first and second singles respectively. Shattersphere quickly signed on with the Minneapolis, MN based Tinderbox Music to further expose the band to multiple radio, licensing, and performing opportunities. The song “Loaded” was nominated for an Independent Music Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal song by judges such as Ozzy Osbourne, Peter Gabriel, and Cyndi Lauper. Shattersphere was also hand picked to fit the bill for New England’s largest annual rock festival alongside Alice In Chains, Buckcherry, Powerman 5000, Days of The New, and more.

Through constant networking, ruthless self promotion, and a work ethic that just wouldn’t quit, Shattersphere helped themselves became a hot commodity in many markets. The band was asked to write the theme song for the upcoming video game Kaos War: Rise of The Fallen and take part in a reality show hosted by GamePro Magazine called Creating Kaos. The avalanche of opportunity continued as more songs made it on to compilation albums such as Race Track Rock and Strip Club Rock distributed by Versailles Records, as well as extreme sports DVDs such as After The Fallout. In October of 2007, lead singer Kyle Morrison was selected to sing the original version of WWE’s Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) theme song “Don’t Question My Heart.”

It’s no surprise that Shattersphere has performed alongside some of the biggest acts in the music business such as Alice In Chains, Buckcherry, Hinder, Mudvayne, Lostprophets, Atreyu, Eighteen Visions, Ra, Powerman 5000, Life Of Agony, King’s X, Orgy, Mushroomhead, Dope, Soulfly, All That Remains, Days of The New, Bloodsimple, American Head Charge, Dry Kill Logic, Nocturne, Crossbreed, Hed PE, Motograter, Socialburn, and many more. Shattersphere has built a reputation as a self sufficient machine, and has influenced a new generation of musicians and music lovers alike.

Shattersphere is currently on hiatus.

Wiki updated February 2015